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  • 13th August
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Hey, I was just looking through my dashboard and you were talking about Japan access to something is restricted or something. Why did that happen exactly? I'm just curious. Hopefully you haven't had this question before.

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We (September Scanlations) have blocked Japanese IPs from being able to access our website (such as our scanlation site, our doujinshi site, our shopping site, etc.) because of problems with authors stumbling across their work being hosted and asking for it to be removed.

We do that when asked, but we would rather keep it up for everyone to enjoy, since that’s the only way 99.9% of people in fandom can enjoy these pieces—so we’re making it more difficult for authors to realize their work is being shared outside of Japan (since most are very unhappy knowing that non-Japanese people are reading their stuff).

This also helps us keep off the radar of publishing companies who might object to our posting manga scanlations.

The vast majority of our readers come from outside of Japan, so very few people should be affected, and if anyone has been mistakenly blocked, it’s easy enough to add them to the whitelist ^^

  • 29th June
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oh my god i just realized what’s so dumb about people being like “why would you want to watch people play video games if you could just play them yourself” 


you fucking idiots watch sports on the television shut the fuck up

why would you listen to music when you can just play instruments and make music yourself

because it aint like that at all

its like “why would you wanna listen to music when you can have some obnoxious british fuckboy talking in low tone making snide remarks over the music he listens to while you watch him listen to it”

how can anyone be defensive about watching other people have fun and trying to absorb that fun for themselves through transitive property

i fucking hate nerds

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alexandrias genesis (purple eyes) is not cool, its a birth defect that makes your life miserable. I don’t have it, but for people who do it is a life-long struggle with multiple, some close to fatal, health problems and shortens your time here.

please stop.

holy shit

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At this point, I really am wondering why people make fun of other fandoms all because they do not personally like what the fandom likes. Right now, I am talking about PewDiePie.
Inserting read more because this is a slight rant on all of the happenings. Only read if you want to give a logical and intelligent reply or simply want to read my short rant like post.

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Slowbeef of Retsupurae pretty much started what is called Let’s Play on SA which got to YouTube and all that

And I’m pretty damn sure he has a job.